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The “Doctor for A Day” program is offered to middle school and high school students from the NY and CT areas. The Foundation is devoted to empowering children to be scientific investigators, laying the groundwork for a life-long love of learning. Studies have shown that children learn best through hands-on interactive experiences. Ultimately, we believe that engaging children in scientific learning is the key to securing the future of science for generations to come.

At an Orthopaedic Foundation “Doctor for a Day” event, students experience a text book to practice event and learn how to bolt, pin together, and insert supportive plates into broken forearms. The students use actual surgical drills, plates and screws to mend broken bones in realistic but synthetic forearms at our BioSkills laboratory in New York City. They have the opportunity to interact with leading orthopaedic surgeons who volunteer their time to supervise the lab and empower the next generation of curious minds.

The Foundation’s goal is to continually expand this program, year over year, but can only do so with the generosity of our supporters. Interested in helping to grow our footprint of impact and broaden our outreach in the community with this program? Click here to donate now or see our schedule of events to find upcoming fundraisers to raise proceeds that enable our team to have an even broader impact.

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